Horror Fiction

Posts with recommendations and links for print format or audiobook readings of scary stories, from Creepy Pasta to the work of heavyweights in the Horror Genre!


Clive Barker - The Hellbound Heart (Audiobook Recommendation)

TheBoyInTheClock - "The Spire in the Woods"

Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol read by Neil Gaiman

Kelsey Donald - "Check"

MrGarm - "A Message From Your Personal Demons"

Neil Gaiman - "Instructions"

Neil Gaiman - "Nicholas Was..." animated by James Bolan

Neil Gaiman - "Other People"

Neil Gaiman - Two Plays For Voices (Audiobook Recommendation)

Nick Gisburne - "Hide and Seek"

Nick Gisburne - "The Takey Men"

Nick Gisburne - "Three Little Boxes"

Sean Grigsby - "Sparrow Ridge" (from the anthology Daylight Dims)

Joe Hill - NOS4A2 (Excerpt) 

Stephen King - "Afterlife"

H.P. Lovecraft - "The Outsider"

H.P. Lovecraft - "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"

Nightmare Magazine

Jason Norton - "Blogged Down" (from the anthology Daylight Dims)

Aric Sundquist - "The Exploration of Room B" (from the anthology Daylight Dims)

Two-Sentence Horror Stories

Peter Watts - "Taming Yesterday's Nightmares for a Better Tomorrow" (Power Point Presentation)

Daniel Weatherer - "The Fall of Silas Galloway" (from the anthology Daylight Dims)

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