Sunday, November 10, 2013

355 Days 'til Halloween...

Scare 'o the day!

Audiobook Recommendation

Two Plays for Voices

My favorite Neil Gaiman short story is called "Murder Mysteries."  It is currently available in his wonderful collection of stories and poetry: Smoke and Mirrors.

(I actually owned "Murder Mysteries," before Smoke and Mirrors was published, in Neil's even more wonderful collection, Angels and Visitations:  A Miscellany, way back in 1993!)

"Murder Mysteries" is a detective story about the First Murder.  Before Cain and Abel...  Before the Fall... Someone killed an angel.  It's Raguel's job to find out who.  And why.  The Lord demands it.

I had always considered myself a huge fan of Neil and his work, but I only recently discovered that he had adapted "Murder Mysteries," along with another short story, "Snow, Glass, Apples," into 2 radio plays back in 2000.  The plays were produced by Brian Smith for the Sci Fi Channel's Seeing Ear Theater as Two Plays for Voices and later released together on CD.  Murder Mysteries stars the very excellent Michael Emerson (LOST, Person of Interest) as the Narrator and the also excellent Brian Dennehy (First Blood, Death of a Salesman) as Raguel.  Snow, Glass, Apples retells the story of Snow White from the Queen's perspective.  Bebe Neuwirth stars.  Also excellent!

As near as I can tell, Two Plays for Voices is out of print and unavailable to buy on MP3 from iTunes or Audible.  That is a terrible shame.  You can purchase the CD used on Amazon from resellers

Also, the radio play versions of Murder Mysteries and Snow, Glass, Apples were published as illustrated volumes and are available now for Kindle.

Even so, it's worth looking for Two Plays for Voices.  Hearing "Murder Mysteries" as a radio play is a real treat.  It's the perfect way to pass a creepy Autumn Sunday afternoon!!




Happy Halloween!!