When I was a kid, my Mom took care to make sure that Halloween was a special holiday for my sisters, brother, and I. Halloween wasn't always scary, but it was always fun!

As I grew older, I became the guy in my circle to scout out new experiences from the horror genre and then share them with my family and friends.

In my travels, I've met horror fans along the way who have never seen movies like Session 9 or A Tale of Two Sisters, never read Peter Straub's Ghost Story or Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, never played Eternal Darkness or the original Silent Hill, and are only familiar with H.P. Lovecraft through movies like Re-Animator.

Similarly, there's a whole world of new scary stories, short films, games, and mobile apps floating around on the web to which I've never been exposed.

That Halloween Blog is intended to link horror fans with (hopefully) a newly discovered, fun, and scary experience each day in order to keep the spirit of Halloween alive all year round!

That Halloween Blog will always credit the creators of the content shared on this blog, provide multiple links to their web sites and the home of their content on the internet, and (if applicable) share where you as readers can purchase their work.

That Halloween Blog is not monetized and not intended to take traffic away from the web sites of content creators. Rather, it directs traffic to those sites in support of their content, sort of like a horror evangelist. 

That Halloween Blog is also for my nephew, when he's old enough.  He's just 10 right now, but he already loves horror.  :)