Saturday, November 9, 2013

356 Days 'til Halloween

Scare o' the Day!

Horror Magazine

I wanted to let everyone know about an exciting, monthly online horror and dark-fantasy anthology, that I only recently discovered, called Nightmare Magazine!

Nightmare Magazine is edited by anthologist John Joseph Adams and began publishing issues in October 2012.  Each month, Nightmare prints 4 short stories (2 original works and 2 re-prints), a monthly non-fiction article about all things horror called "The H-Word," interviews with authors, and some dark and creepy artwork.  This content is available to purchase by individual issue or through subscription and comes in ebook format on the first of every month.  The content is also serialized and available to read on their website!

I think the quality of storytelling in the magazine is pretty great.  Nightmare has stories from genre heavyweights like Peter Straub, as well as work from lesser known veterans, and budding up-and-comers.

I purchased the inaugural issue for my Kindle Fire and really enjoyed all of the stories, especially "Frontier Death Song" by Laird Barron and "Afterlife" by Sarah Langan.  "Frontier Death Song" is about an Iditarod dog-sled racer who stumbles upon "the Great Hunt" during the race and soon finds himself pursued by the servants of the Horned God:  the demonic Huntsman and his sub-human Hounds.  "Afterlife" is set in my neighborhood in Astoria, NY, and is about a mousey, home-bound, Ghost Whisperer-type woman who has never really lived trying to convince ghostly children that they are, in fact, dead.

Great stuff!!

One of the things I really love about Nightmare Magazine is their podcast, where they do readings of some of the short stories published in the magazine.  It's free and available on iTunes!!

Check-out Nightmare Magazine by clicking right here:




Happy Halloween!!