Sunday, December 29, 2013

306 Days 'til Halloween...

Scare o' the Day!

Short Story

"Sparrow Ridge" by Sean Grigsby

Narrated by Mr. Creepypasta

"Sparrow Ridge" appears in the exciting new horror anthology, Daylight Dims.

Daylight Dims is available in print and e-book format and can be purchased for only $4.99 for Kindle on Amazon!

Daylight Dims has also been masterfully produced for audio by Craig Grosheck's Chilling Tales for Dark Nights!

"Sparrow Ridge" is brought to life by narrator, Mr. Creepypasta.

For more recordings of scary short stories with high quality narration from the anthology, check out the YouTube page for Daylight Dims or Chilling Tales for Dark Nights!  Make sure to subscribe to them both!!

Running Time:  48 min: 01 sec




Happy Halloween!!