Saturday, December 7, 2013

328 Days 'til Halloween...

Scare o' the Day!

Childhood Fears


When I was eight, I had a ventriloquist's dummy named Willie Talk.  I don't know if Willie was a popular toy or not,  but I liked him well enough.  He came with his own suitcase, where he slept in my closet when I wasn't playing with him.  I tried to learn how to throw my voice without making my lips move, but I wasn't very good.  Still, I had dreams of one day being like Jay Johnson, the 70's comedian who was featured with his dummy, Bob, on the TV comedy, Soap.

But in 1978, a movie starring Anthony Hopkins called Magic was released. Magic was based on William Goldman's novel of the same name.  In it, Hopkins played a failed magician whose career received new life when he added Fats, his ventriloquist's dummy, to the act.

But Fats wasn't a funny dummy.

This was the TV spot they ran for Magic.

I never played with Willie Talk again.




Happy Halloween!!