Friday, November 1, 2013

364 Days 'til Halloween...

Scare o' the Day!

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Feature Film Recommendation

Every Friday, I'll be recommending a fun, scary movie that's available to stream from Netflix!

Tonight, it's the 2006 independent "documentary," Ghost Adventures.

This is the movie that led to a cushy gig on the The Travel Channel for "Lead Paranormal Investigator" Zak Bagans, "Assistant Investigator" Nick Groff, and "Tech Manager" Aaron Goodwin.

I prefer to think of the Ghost Adventures crew not as a group of jaded, Las Vegas-entertainment-industry-douchebag-charlatans.  (I won't fault you if that's how you see them, though.)  Instead, the story I tell myself when watching Ghost Adventures is that they are three flawed (possibly even personality disordered in Zak's case) but lovably dimwitted and overly melodramatic True Believers who desperately want to find evidence of the paranormal.  What they end up doing in this film is getting locked down in spooky locations, like the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada, and scaring the living crap out of themselves, instead.

It's better for me to watch Ghost Adventures from this mindset, as it becomes a fun, paranormal-flavored comedy, not unlike the old Tim Conway and Don Knotts movie, The Private Eyes.

Compare these two trailers and note the similarities!

Ghost Adventures

The Private Eyes

But make no mistake about it, Ghost Adventures is a guilty pleasure that I absolutely love!

And, it is my belief that the Ghost Adventures documentary, along with the sadly humorous American Movieis an inspiration for one of the best, most hilarious episodes of Supernatural, Ghostfacers; as well as the excellent 2011 indie horror offering, Grave Encounters.

We might not have had these fun and scary works if it hadn't been for Ghost AdventuresSo, thank you to Zak, Nick, and Aaron for giving us this great gift!!

Why not give Ghost Adventures a shot?  Stream it tonight from Netflix!




Happy Halloween!!