Monday, November 4, 2013

361 Days 'til Halloween...

Scare 'o the day!

Short Film


Here's Mama, a Spanish short film from 2008 directed by Andres Muschietti and introduced by Guillermo Del Toro (The Devil's Backbone, Hellboy, and Pan's Labyrinth).  The short film inspired Del Toro to become involved in producing the 2013 feature version of Mama, which was also directed by Muschietti and co-written and produced by his sister, Barbara.

So says Del Toro in his introduction.  

On a side note, my roommate suggested that Del Toro looks like the Spanish version of me... Although I suppose it's the other way around, and I look like him.  Either way, it's awesome because Del Toro kicks mucho ass!!  

As does this short film!  Love the goldfish!

Mama  (Running time is 3 min: 35 sec)




Happy Halloween!!