Monday, November 18, 2013

347 Days 'til Halloween...

Scare 'o the day!

Short Film

Best New Horror

"Best New Horror" is a seriously scary short story from Joe Hill's Collection, 20th Century Ghosts. Below, you'll find a scene adapted from the story by film students in the Intermediate Directing Course at Point Park University. The scene stars Kevin Lukacs and Nick Vavro and was directed by Zack Hoey. Michael Barger shot and edited the scene, and Jamie Fergus served as script supervisor and location scout.

After a long search, horror anthology Editor Eddie Carroll has finally tracked down Peter Kilrue, the elusive author of a disturbing short story called "Buttonboy."  Carroll has plans to publish the story, but he may come to regret driving all the way out to Kilrue's secluded home by himself...

Running Time:   3 min:  22 Sec




Happy Halloween!!