Thursday, November 21, 2013

344 Days 'til Halloween...

Scare o' the Day!

Paranormal Encounters?

Ouija Board

Uploaded by YouTube poster, OuijaWarning, the link to the short, scary video below displays a group of friends playing with a Ouija Board.  The friends encounter a spirit who calls itself ZOZO.

Terror ensues.

Ouija Board - ZOZO Encounter (Running Time:  2 min: 23 sec)

OuijaWarning instructs viewers of this video to never play with a Ouija Board. The possibility of encountering the demonic entity ZOZO, or any other number of vile and cantankerous spirits could be the result.

For years, I've totally agreed with that line of thinking.

What did Harvey Keitel say in Mean Streets?  "Ya don't fuck around with the infinite."

What's so hard to understand about that?

But then I read this great article from called:  "The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board".  (I highly recommend it!)

Ouija Boards really do have a mysterious origin, and the horror lover in me was piqued by the idea that the creators of the board determined its name by asking what it would like to be called.

The board responded, "Ouija."

The psychologist in me was also piqued, as one of the board's creators was apparently infatuated with a woman named Ouida at the time and had a picture of her in a locket he was carrying during the naming session.

So, is the Ouija Board a portal to Hell, a fun family board game, or could it be something much more?

Dr. Ronald Rensink of the Visual Cognition Lab at the University of British Columbia thinks so. Rensink, his colleague Dr. Helene Gaucho, and their assistants (Dakota Carter and Docky Duncan) are conducting research using Ouija boards to unlock the mysteries of the unconscious mind.

Specifically, they have learned that humans only have conscious access to part of their total intelligence.  Ouija Boards can allow users to access knowledge that they aren't even aware they know!

Check out the work of the Visual Cognition Lab at UBC at the Inner Intelligence Project or by clicking the link for the video below.

Using Ouija to explore the Unconscious (Running Time: 7 min: 30 sec)

Doctors Rensink and Gaucho are attempting to crowd fund the next phase of their research at Microryza - Using Ouijas to Explore the Unconscious: You Know More Than You Think. Unfortunately, I just found out about this and the crowd funding campaign ends soon.  

There's still time to help them out, though...  If the Ouija tells you to!

But what about ZOZO?

I have some thoughts about that for another time, but until then, Paranormal Investigator Darren Evans has devoted an entire blog to The ZOZO Ouija Phenomena.




Happy Halloween!!